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What does quality mean to us?

The Youth Travel Academy serves as an independent service provider catering to companies and agencies in the international youth travel sector. Our primary focus lies in enhancing quality standards and professionalism within the industry through collaborative efforts with relevant associations. Our mission is to deliver effective, efficient and targeted support mechanisms to operational levels of youth travel institutions. Leveraging our independence and extensive networks, we respond promptly and effectively. We achieve our mission through a range of activities including training and development programmes, quality development through inspections on-site, management consultancy and programme development. We provide continous support, moderation and advice. Collaboration with youth travel providers, other academies and universities enables us to engage in scientific research and government funded projects, therefore integrating practical topics and academic discourse. At the Youth Travel Academy, we are dedicated to advancing the youth travel industry through rigorous standards, practical support and ongoing development initiatives.  

Youth Travel Standards

Since its formation the Youth Travel Academy has been the driving force behind attempt to establish a German Youth Travel Standard, which is acceptable to all organisations, agencies and associations operating in the field of youth travel. Flanking this overall quality drive onannational level the Academy is providing support for individual organisations and agencies embarking on quality development processes through the following measures:

  • Programme Design and Development of activity and learning programmes for individual organisations

  • Company and Organisational Development programmes on all levels of operation

  • Staff Development Programmes including recruitment, support, supervision and training elements for new and exisiting staff

  • Team Development, Team Building and Team Management Training

  • Senior ManagementTraining

  • Implementation of Safeguarding, Data protection, Health and Safety, Risk Assessment policies into the day to day operation of youth travel providers

Collaborations with universities

The Youth Travel Academy has become increasingly successfull in the co-operation with diverse Universities across Germany. Specialised areas of work have been:

  • Involvement in the design, running and implementation of research project

  • Development of praxis orientated teaching modules, which are delivered by Academy members in variety of university settings and courses


Recent publications include:

  • Safeguarding Tools for Implementation in youth travel provision

  • Intercultural Learning on Youth Travel

  • Parent Advice and Guidelines on Youth Travel issues

  • Legal Framework forinternational youth travel providers

  • Development of a Youth Travel Quality Standard

  • Participation in workshops of youth travel organisations, AGM’S and government funded projects in the youth service environment in order to ensure a knowledge transfer science/practise and vice versa.

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